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Jaipur (Pink City)

Jaipur also popularly known as the Pink City. The city that once had been the capital of the royalty, now is the capital of Rajasthan. Today it has a population of more than 5 million residents. The city was planned according to Indian Vastu Shastra (Vedic or Pouranic Planning for the comfort and prosperity of the citizens). The directions of each street and market are east to West and North to South.

I travel in a very basic way. I did not spend much on accomodation. There is different kind of accomodation in Jaipur. Jaipur is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations of India. Every year, this pink city greets thousands of people from across the globe. To serve the best, there is no problem regarding accommodation in Jaipur. Actually, this first well-planned city of India offers numerous places to stay. Jaipur is a majestic land of royal forts and palaces. Today, many ancient palaces have been converted into the heritage hotels, which offer immaculate hospitality to guests. Jaipur has plenty of hotels well equipped with all modern amenities. The city comprises variety of luxury, deluxe, heritage and budget hotels, one can choose the place of accommodation according to one's requirement and budget. The luxury hotels offer the world class ambience matching the international standards. The rooms are spacious and airy with proper ventilation. The hotels in Jaipur provide excellent services to serve as a perfect base for one's trip. The best part of accommodation is that, most of the hotels are conveniently located, near airport and railway station. For visitors seeking decent accommodation at an affordable price, there are innumerable budget hotels and guest houses. Moreover, Jaipur has a remarkable infrastructure that makes it comfortable to stay and explore Jaipur. Here are some Luxury Hotels in Jaipur :

Rajvilas - An Oberoi Hotel
The Rambagh Palace Hotel
Jai Mahal Palace
Rajputana Palace Sheraton
Man Singh Towers
Hotel Jaipur Palace
Chokhi Dhani - The Ethnic Village Resort
Hotel Maya Inter Continental

From my experience, you get good service in indian hotels. You can get a nice double room from 500 RS

There are cheaper options for accomodation. The Three Star Hotels in Jaipur:

Hotel Maurya Palace
Holiday Inn
Maharani Palace
The City Palace
Hotel Maya Inter Continental
Exclusive Royal Meal Venue

The Three star Hotels will provide you cleanliness and the sense of safety. The hotels are always well kept and clean. There is no reasons to be scared about your belongings. From 200 RS you can get a nice room.

When I visited Jaipur, I slept in cheap hotels and guest houses. There is many Budget Hotels in Jaipur:

Hotel K.K. Royal Days
Samode Bagh
Shahpura House
The Gold Palace & Resorts
Bissau The Retreat
Hotel Park Plaza

The best way to choose whice hotel is the best for you is to compare. When you compare Indian Hotel make sure you:

- compare cleanliness
- compare price
- compare comfort
- compare the people that own the place
- compare the location

Many hotels and cheap accomodation will tell you things that may not be true. I suggest you to go in small guest house that you can find by walking on the streets.

What to eat: Indian Sweet & Chapati

There are many activities to do in Jaipur. One of my favourite is to observe the life going there. It is a very different lifestyle than where I grown-up. In Jaipur, there is many Tour available. You can book some Tour with some tourist agency. All the tours are quiet the same. The only thing here that we should be aware of is the honesty the people that sell you the tour. make sure they are reliable so you will not end-up in a junk tour situation. My suggestion here is to design yourself the perfect tour and find out the wat to make it real.

Rajasthan the royal city of India is one of the most exciting tourism destinations of India . This amaging romantic state is well known for monumental beauty, marvelous forts, lakes, sizzling desert, harmonious traditional music, rich culture, colourful festivals etc. Considered as one of the most famous tourism destinations in India as well as in world. There are a lot of places of tourist interest in India having numerous eye catching attractions. Delhi - Agra - Jaipur - Pushkar - Ranthambore - Kota - Bundi - Chittourgarh - Bijaipur - Udaipur - Kumbhalgarh - Jodhpur - Jaisalmer - Bikaner - Mandawa - Delhi

Make sure that you got medical insurance if traveling in Jaipur and india. Medical insurance can save you time in India. Medical Insurance should be bought previously your arrival. Medical Insurance cover many aspects of healthcare. The price of a cheap medical insurance starts from 5000 RS.

Freshly made chapati in a small shop.

The worker was cooking milk to make sweet on the street.

Workers in India have to be fit. The work in India always requires exercises. Now we can see a new generarion of gyms in India. People in India want to be fit and look good. Womens want to loose weight and get fit. In india people want to be healthy . The best way to get fit in India is the same as every where. You need to do exercises. There is many way to exercises in India. First at work or at the gym. If you dont have a gym nearby, there is many exercises that can be done from Home. Many exercise programs can be found online.

If you are looking to get fit at a facility tested the nation over, a gym chain may be the one for you. To ensure you don't end up worse off then before you were trying to get fit, check out the stretching and warming up exercises that will help prevent injuries. Taking your first steps to exercise can be a bit daunting - everyone else looks like they know exactly what they are doing, the equipment is strange, there's even a new language to learn. But there are simple things you can do to make it easier. Where do you find motivation? It's a necessary ingredient of any exercise program, but can prove remarkably elusive at times. There all different kinds of fitness classes, so it's worth checking out a few to see which one is right for you. What are beginners' workouts? While anyone can do the same type of workout, someone who is new to exercising will want to do shorter, les intense workouts until they have gained some experience and conditioning.What sets beginners' workouts apart from those that more experienced exercisers might do? The biggest differences will be duration and intensity.

For runners the rule is to increase your weekly mileage by no more than 10% per week, and you can apply this rule to the total time you spend working out.For intensity, either use a heart rate monitor, or rate the effort of your workouts. You should get a couple of months steady endurance work under your belt before beginning more intense workouts such as intervals.

Boost your metabolism by including physical activity into your daily routine. A brisk walk, a swim, or participation in a sport will instantly make you feel more alert, and ready to take on the day ahead. Begin by introducing fun activities that you enjoy, as they will keep you motivated. If you are pressed for time, you may even consider ways of making slight adjustments to your existing daily activities by replacing the elevator with the stairs, or cycling to work rather than driving.

In effort to gain more energy, don't forget about exercise. When you exercise on a daily basis, your body releases a substance called endorphins throughout the body, which help to improve your energy levels and put you in a better mood. The best type of exercise for increasing energy levels is often something that gets your heart working harder. Such examples would be intense cardiovascular activities such as running, kickboxing, or cycling, or else hard weight lifting.

Both will send a surge of adrenaline throughout the body, helping to 'wake' you up, so-to-speak, and give you plenty of energy for hours afterwards. The other variations you may want to perform are those geared towards stress relief. Stress is a huge zapper of energy and when levels are high, you are, without a doubt, going to be feeling it. Activities to try that will help to take care of this problem include yoga, pilates, stretching, and deep breathing exercises . All of these can be done at the end of a tiring workday to help give you more energy for your evening hours. Keep in mind that if you are just getting into physical activity, you may feel more tired at first and not want to continue. Try and keep going though because after two weeks or so of being physically active, you will notice the benefits start to kick in.

Jaipur is now offering many fitness options to get fit or loose weight. India has a lot of qualified people like Physiotherapist to help you reach yout target.

What to see: Animals on Action

Most buildings in the city is redish brown in color. Take note that, the goats were on the roof and the children were feeding them.

What to do: Shopping

Small shops like this selling all kind of sourvenirs to tourist are all around the city centre.

The open stalls selling fresh fruits and vegetables on the street is a convenience and cheap way to buy daily fresh greens.

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