Thursday, 28 May 2009

Jaiselmer (The Golden City)

The Hill Fort of Jaisal (name of its founder)

Jaiselmer stands on a ridge of yellowish sandstone, crowned by a fort, which contains the palace and several ornate Jain temples. Many of the houses and temples are finely sculptured. It lies in the heart of the Thar Desert.

Camel is a mean of transportation, of course! Many tours in Jaiselmer are available. Beware which one you choose. Some cheap tours in India does not worth it.

The town is covered by a think layer of sand.

Women working at construction site. In Rajasthan, women wear different kind of "sari" than those that we normally see at the other part of India.

The old city or the fort is a bit 'run down' and not very well maintained. The jain temple is worth a visit though.

What to see: Desert

The desert looked it the sand wave. There are some small merchants carry some cold drinks all the way to the desert in order to sell it to the tourists who are on their camel/desert safari. Price is of course slightly inflated, but still reasonable.

Sunset at the desert.

Sunrise at the desert.

What to do: Desert/Camel Safari

Good sun protection is very important for camel safari! After days or even just one day of riding on the camel, it is normal to feel sore all over the body!

Most part of the desert is actually looked like this, with a little bit of the plants growing.

Water feeding time for the camels. You will feel grateful to no ride on the camel after a couple of hours!

What to eat: A bit of sands ...

The camel man or the safari guide is the cook. Eating a bit of sands from the desert won't do much harm!

Where to Stay: Above of the well, under the open sky.

We slept on top of a piece of cement on the well, not realising that, until the guide removed that piece of the cement. Sleeping under the moon and open sky, in the middle of desert is an amazing experience. These two hungry and skinny dogs had been following us all the way half way when we were in the desert, waiting to share a bit of our meal and water.

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